Rural Health Week: When a rural community comes together

When you’re an EMS director, trying to respond to 7,000 residents scattered around a county the size of a small state can be a challenge. It’s even more challenging when there’s rough, winter roads, many stairs or if one is working with a patient who is taller or larger than average. But when you have a community that's as supportive as the people of Wallowa County, these challenges become easier to conquer.

Thanks to the Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation, the community was able to host fundraisers ranging from charity dinner auctions and giving circles-- fundraisers which raised nearly $100,000. These funds helped the Wallowa EMS Department purchase a four wheel drive ambulance, three Stair Chairs, and two PowerPro lifts and stretchers. These purchases are contributing factors to how Wallowa paramedics and EMTs can respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations.